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Riverside / Avondale

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Listed in the National Registry of Historic Places, Riverside is one of Jacksonville’s oldest and coolest neighborhoods. Voted as one of the country’s top 10 Great Neighborhoods, Riverside & Avondale has a unique mix of history, culture, charm, and modern design–find out more information through Riverside Avondale Preservation Society. This is a hip part of town with a young population. Million dollar waterfront homes and upscale apartment buildings are the norms, but there is nothing pretentious about the area. The vibe here is that of community, urban living, and keeping it local. The world-class Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens is also located in the Riverside neighborhood.


The food here is amazing! There are no chain restaurants, and there are adorable vintage shops to shop at. It’s an area for younger people, but the nightlife is for a more mature audience. The houses are individually crafted and are unique in different ways.


Median Home Price – $237,416

Median Rent – $849

68% Own / 32% Rent